Going Above and Beyond for a Home Sale


In December 2023, Effly encountered a unique challenge when a hiccup from a previous client impacted Karen’s scheduled cleaning service. Karen, a homeowner in the process of selling her home, faced heightened stress due to the unforeseen circumstances.


  • Previous Client Hiccup: A challenge arose due to an issue with a previous client’s job, affecting the scheduled cleaning for Karen.
  • Time Sensitivity: With the urgency of selling her home, Karen needed the cleaning to be completed promptly and efficiently.

Strategies Employed:

  1. Swift Response: The Effly team responded promptly to the situation, acknowledging the urgency of Karen’s needs.
  2. Dedicated Cleaner Assignment: Effly assigned a dedicated cleaner to Karen’s job, someone capable of handling unique circumstances.


Effly’s cleaner, aware of the stress Karen was under, went above and beyond to resolve the hiccup. The cleaner not only addressed the previous client’s issue but also ensured Karen’s job was prioritized and completed with exceptional attention to detail.


  • Resolution of Hiccup: Effly’s cleaner efficiently resolved the issue stemming from the previous client, ensuring that it did not adversely impact Karen’s cleaning service.
  • Outstanding Cleaning Job: Despite the challenges, the cleaner delivered an amazing cleaning job, transforming Karen’s home into a showcase for potential buyers.
  • Client Satisfaction: Karen expressed gratitude for the exceptional service, noting that the cleaner’s efforts were “above and beyond.”

Client Feedback:

“Unfortunately, there was a hiccup with a previous client, but my cleaner went out of her way to get my job done. It was above and beyond. She did an amazing job. I was very stressed as I was selling my home. Thank you.”


Effly’s ability to navigate unexpected challenges and provide a seamless cleaning service during a crucial time highlights the dedication and commitment of the team. Karen’s case is a testament to Effly’s mission of going the extra mile, turning a potentially stressful situation into a positive and memorable experience for the client.

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