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How do you screen your cleaners?

At Effly, we follow a rigorous staff selection process to make sure that we work only with highly-expert cleaners that are dependable. Here is an outline of the process we follow to screen the cleaners working with us.

We only deal with the applicants that are thoroughly police-checked and have a certificate for it. Also, Effly conducts an interview with the applicants to get more details about their background.

We match the submitted documents with the official authorities to ensure that they are genuine, and aren't forged.

We check their latest photograph and match it with the passport, and other government attested documents like a driver's license. Moreover, we update a picture of every cleaner on our website.

We inspect each and every application strictly based on the following parameters. Additionally, the working experience of every cleaner is verified by accessing the details of their previous jobs.

Every cleaner working with us has to go through this process to join Effly. We assure you, our cleaners are trustworthy, and you can depend on them for our cleaning services.

Is my Credit Card Information Safe?

Effly has made the payment process straightforward and easy! You can make the payment at the time of making the booking. All your details, including your email id, and credit card information are safe with us as we deal using highly-secured payment gateways.

Also, all of these details are encrypted and aren't accessible to anyone. The payment gateways on our website are updated on a timely basis to maintain the highest level of security, along with the ease of processing payments.

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