Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions that we have received from our clients and customers regarding our company, Premium Clean, our services, and booking procedures.

To make it easier for you, we have included explanation videos and articles.

24 Hours Happiness Guaranteed

About Us

Effly Cleaning Service has been around Australia since 2019. We are successfully operating in more than 4 cities in Australia and we are known as the number 1 cleaning company in the industry.

Being new in Australia , Effly Cleaning services adopted the use of technology to save your time and deliver consistent service. We take every measure possible to ensure the reliability of our field service. To go above and beyond, we have a top-notch customer service team as well as a rigorous vetting process. This, in turn, has led us to become the customer's first choice for this type of work.

We value your investment in our services, so we'll let you meet some of our cleaners. This way, you can help set your expectations for them before they start working with you!

More Time for you: Take the stress out of cleaning by scheduling your chores at home with our online booking system. Whether you need to do it weekly, or fortnightly, or monthly, we can provide a service that's perfect for you. Your place will shine and sparkle and it won't be a chore anymore

Online Convenience: Setting up a booking with us is really easy so you can book an appointment within less than 60 seconds online or through the Effly Cleaning App. It'll only take 3 simple steps -

Select the service matches your need

Choose your preferred date and time

Update your special instructions then make your appointment

5 Star Customer service: Our customer service team is always there for you, ready to answer any questions or solve any issues. Phone, Email and Chat are available 24/7, so feel free to contact us any time.

Highly-rated Cleaners: It is part of our company responsibility to pay cleaners the wages they deserve. Since we are so thorough when it comes to our vetting process, that doesn't just mean hiring professional cleaners, but also compensating them appropriately.

Fair Fixed Price: We promise that you will always know how much we are charging for our services because the prices are published on the website. We keep things simple so there are no hidden costs, but our rates remain based on what type of service you need.

Tailored Cleaning Services: We've been in the industry for a long time and we know about the cleaning needs of our customers because we see them change all the time. We use an approachable checklist to clean your place. From Regular cleaning, Move Out/In, Deep cleaning, or anything in between - we provide quality results.

We understand that everyone's needs for a cleaning service may be different. That is why we allow you to customize your checklist according to your needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You will be impressed with the meticulous work of our cleaners. They'll go beyond every nook & cranny to provide you with a quality service you can rely on.

If you are not satisfied with our cleaning, don't stress. We want to make sure you get what you paid for! In the event your standard clean wasn't up to par, please let us know and we'll send a new cleaner over within 48 HOURS.

Once you become part of the Effly Cleaning family, we are confident that you're going to recommend us to your friends and family. We want that level of satisfaction for each client.

When you're looking for a cleaner, it's important to find one that meets your personal needs. We'll do an in-depth analysis of your property & make recommendations after seeing what you envision. At our company, we offer many different services, from deep-cleaning to move out cleaning.

Our cleaners go through a rigorous vetting process before we bring them in, and can use the Effly Cleaning app to understand any requirements. We value our customers and want to provide you with excellent results from us, this is why we help make your life better by giving you cleaner surroundings.

How exactly can you make my life better?

We're one of the most competitive local cleaning companies. With our Effly Cleaning app, we can have a professional cleaner scheduled within 60 seconds.

Busy parents & animal lovers have sourced our expert domestic cleaning services through our platform. Our cleaners ensure your home is safe by using eco-friendly chemicals.

We make your life better by..

If you are looking to make your house feel totally new, give it a deep clean. It will make it feel fresh and be more enjoyable for the whole family.

Keep your schedule free and spend more time with family and friends

The weekly tasks like doing the dishes and making your bed can be time-consuming and take you away from your day to day tasks at work. To make things easier on you, we built an automated solution that will handle all these chores while you focus on other important aspects of your career.

What are the Effly Cleaning Core Values?

Truly transparent and honest. Effly Cleaning offers a streamlined booking process with comprehensive details and pricing.

We work our hardest to give you the best service, and we do this by delivering on your requests. We're aware that sometimes things don't go as planned, but we always try to reply quickly and solve the issue.

We're always aiming to improve, teachings the lesson that no one is perfect and that mistakes are unavoidable. We use them as learning opportunities to provide you with an even more amazing service next time! Our goal is continue to grow and improve for your sake!

We strive to make a cleaner work environment for you and your employees. We take our jobs seriously and want you to know that we'll always do a thorough job

About Our Cleaners

Our applicants are screened through an online skills test before the phone interview. This is to make sure we only invite applicants who exhibit the right qualities for our vacancies.

To pass the initial screening process, cleaners have to be competent and passionate about their work. You can learn more about them during an interview. We like to test their cleaning knowledge too, by asking them various questions.Every successful applicant moves on to the next phase of our application process with our operations team.

To be a successful candidate, a lot is required of you during the recruitment process. We'll assess your skills and qualifications in interviews, before running thorough background checks on you. References and police checks will also be made, as well as checking your work history for any disqualifying factors.

We ensure that all of our cleaners are qualified by arranging an in-depth 2-day training before they take on jobs through our Effly cleaning app.

Attendance at the workshop is mandatory for our cleaners. We do this to improve their skills and knowledge. We also want to give you the peace of mind that our cleaners are competent, knowledgeable, and well equipped for your cleaning service needs.

We're always looking for quality cleaners to join our team. When you book with us, you can expect to be treated like royalty. We make sure to carry out a thorough recruitment process- from Police clearance, background checks to work history.

Yes, our cleaners are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This means that if the cleaner damages or injures someone, you are covered.

Our team are insured by Ando. With Effly Cleaning Services, you are given peace of mind knowing all the insurances your company requires can be sorted in just one phone call to our company

Your home or office's cleaning needs can be met with our variety of cleaners who specialize in various types of service. They're trained to keep a keen eye out for what you need and will find a way to exceed your expectations.

Effly offers cleaning services that are easy to get around with, you can get in touch with us in less than 60 seconds. That's all it takes to enjoy the benefits of these services. Check out the video below for a short explanation of our service.

Yes, you may request another cleaner. We want to be the best for you. With that, your feedback is very important to us. To ensure excellence, we use an automated review system. Every time you book a cleaning service, you will receive an email alert. This email will ask for feedback from the cleaner and his or her service.

About Our Cleaning Services

We're happy to offer you general house cleaning which includes all the nooks, wall-hangings, tidyings and crevices. If you had a general clean up two weeks ago and want to maintain your home's cleanliness, we'll be glad to help!

If you struggle to fit chores in your schedule or simply want to pamper yourself, we can provide an end-to-end cleaning service. For those looking for standard cleaning, you don't need a detailed checklist as that's already included as part of the service. Effly Cleaning Services can cover all parts of your home. From the living room, kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Your tenancy ended? You are planning to move out? It is important for property managers to have an inventory of the property they are leaving in good condition so that they satisfy their tenant's landlords

We understand that your place may have accumulated dirt on the walls, bathroom floors, kitchen tiles, and every corner of your place during the time you lived there. With that, our move out cleaning checklist should cover every need to prepare to vacate.

Alternatively, you can include your requests and pick add-ons to include other services. ~Remember, the moment our cleaners arrive on your doorstep, they become your cleaner as well. They are well-experienced and skillful professionals that will leave your place spotless & smelling great.

As you are sitting in your living room, have you ever seen a single spot of dirt on your wall? If so, then please call us for our limited-time cleaning service. We are glad to offer you our sporadic house cleaning services.

Normally, our clients have not done any cleaning in the past 3 months so there shouldn't be much grime to clean up. Give us a call and we can start removing all that dirt to make your home great again! Book our deep cleaning services and let our cleaner leave your home speckles

If you wish to enhance the cleaning checklist, you may do so by selecting the add-ons through our booking form.

Do you need the bathrooms, kitchen or other parts of your home to be thoroughly cleaned? Do you want help with washing the dishes, wiping down counters and cleaning out the trash?

Hiring a cleaner for an hourly rate can give you a lot of flexibility. This type of service will allow you to personalize your checklist and the cleaner can simply get on with their work once you assign them tasks. Plus, the quality of cleaning they provide is unmatched by most other cleaners in this area.

We provide professional steam upholstery cleaning in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney . We can do general upholstery cleaning, rejuvenation, stain protection, stain removal on fabric sofas and lounges, Ottomans, mattresses, dining chairs, and Lazyboy.

Our carpet cleaning services are of the highest quality. We use Italian portable machines that are environmentally friendly, safe for pets, and visually appealing.

We use the mixture of hot water and a high-powered extraction method while using eco-friendly shampoo. With our eco-friendly cleaning methods, Effly Cleaning makes sure that your home is a safe and healthy environment for your pets and kids.

You get a fresh and clean carpet that's not full of chemicals that can harm your children, family, and pets.

Residential Window Cleaning

We use products that help save our customers money. The days of the old fashioned squeegee and bucket are over. Windows should be treated as important as your home and we use state-of-the-art technology to make sure they stay pristine. You can trust that our employees are experts and will take care of any residential or commercial windows.

We're meticulous when it comes to cleaning. As a result, you'll get your windows cleaned with efficiency and guarantee that they can be left pristine clean by our cleaners.

We understand that trusting someone to clean your home is a big decision. We only send the most trusted employees to your property, which is why it's really important that we take care of them too!

Cleaning depends upon your individual needs. We offer basic home clean, regular house cleaning as well as intensive deep cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.

Depending on the size and complexity of your home, or the frequency of cleaning, sometimes maintaining a tidy and hygienic environment requires more than just occasional domestic assistance with things like cleaning out the refrigerator. For regular house cleaning, you have the option to choose between daily, weekly, or monthly.

If your home or commercial space needs more deep cleaning on a casual basis, the sporadic house cleaning is the best service for you.

Effly Cleaning Services also offers an end of tenancy cleaning that caters to all of your cleaning needs as well as satisfies the requirements of the landlord or tenant.

The services do not stop there.We also cover carpet cleaning and to ensure you are getting the right service, you may visit Our Services - Effly. You can find the link in the description below. Or give us a call at 1800 4 33359 and let's see how we can work together.

Customer service

You can download the free app to keep track of your cleaner, book appointment and pay. Our on-demand cleaners are working 365 days a year - so you never have to scramble to find a cleaner!

Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions 24/7. You can contact us through multiple channels i.e Call, Email, Webchat. We strive to resolve any issues on the same day.

If you are not satisfied with our service, tell us in the review system and we will send a new cleaner within 48 hours. Another part of our promise for 100% guaranteed satisfaction is getting you on your way without any charges.

We're proud of the relationships we've built with our customers. With our help, you can save time, focus on important things in your life, and have peace of mind that your house is being cleaned up! We also have a review system that follows each cleaning. So you can rest assured knowing your home got the best clean out there. You will receive multiple communication reminders throughout your book to the service process.

We understand that selecting a new cleaner can sometimes be tricky. We will gladly coordinate the replacement of your current cleaner and offer you plenty of options to look through and compare these different cleaners.

You can call us at 1800 4 33359 or drop us an email at [email protected]. Otherwise, you can also feel free to connect with us through our social media and official website live chat. Rest assured that you will receive an immediate response as our support works 24/7 to cater to all your needs.

About Our Processes

We offer a range of packages and service options to best match your needs. You can book one or two cleaners. Also, we'll make sure they fit the cleaning services you need and the cleaner availability at the time. Our big jobs are executed with a team of cleaners, who focus on specific tasks. Feel free to contact us for more information.

We regularly use professional cleaners to get covered whatever area of your home you need covered - & they're pretty good. They'll do a thorough job and get the task done right. Give us a call today and you can experience it for yourself

In the event that the cleaning service performed by our professional cleaners is deemed unsatisfactory by the customer, our company is committed to providing a resolution. We will arrange another cleaning session, at no additional cost, to address the concerns and ensure customer satisfaction.

However, it is important to note that if the customer does not accept the offer of a redo cleaning session, the option for a complimentary redo will be forfeited. Our aim is to resolve any issues promptly and to the best of our abilities, and we strongly encourage customers to avail themselves of the opportunity for a satisfactory cleaning experience.


We believe in honesty and transparency. Our clear and upfront pricing is published on the website so you know exactly how much we charge, with no hidden costs or surprises!"

We want to make your life easier and simpler. We already know how important it is for you to spend time on other matters besides using the products we provide. With that we've become digital and streamlined, we can offer more opportunities to book with us and make it faster for you to get somebody to clean your home.

You can either go to our website or download our Effly Cleaning Services app from App Store or Google Play Store. When you select a service, simply give us your preferences and any special instructions to make sure you get the perfect tailor-made service.

See, it's quick and easy!

Right now we are available to cater to areas such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast . The good news is, We are working to make it available for all . If you can't find the service you need in your location, give us a call and let's work things out!

You can trust that our credit card payment method is fully encrypted to provide 100% safety for you. We will not charge you at the time of booking; instead, we place a hold on your account up to 24 hours prior to booking date.

Once our team has finished work, you'll only be charged once every after cleans. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with the outcome., the service includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In order to pursue the booking, we need credit card services.

We understand that having the same cleaner each time you book cleaning services is important to you. Here at Effly , we make sure that before every clean, we ask your opinion on which cleaners you've been happy working with and who fulfills your needs best. If they are unavailable, no worries! We have a repository of cleaners so we can send any other cleaner and we guarantee that you will also love their work.


If you wish to cancel your booking, please contact us within 24 hours and it will be cancelled without incurring a fee. However, cancellations made after these periods or on the day of service will be subject to a cancellation fee of $50.


One of the reasons we offer a cancellation policy is to cover any gaps it leaves in our cleaner's scheduling.


If you need more information, you can give us a call.


Unless otherwise notified by our cleaners, we will be there on time. This way they're able to better prepare for the cleaning and have a chat with you before the cleaning start.

We would like to know if you want to reschedule your cleaning appointment for any of the following reasons: schedule conflict, personal reason. Regardless of that, we will do our best to fix the schedule.

There are 3 ways to reach out to us for rescheduling. One can either email our support, log in to one's Effly cleaning account on the website or use the features of our mobile application for it.!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to reschedule your appointment. We will gladly serve you!

Whether you are in the space during the cleaning or not is up to you! We ask that you send us entry instructions when making your appointment.

We understand that you are very busy, which is why we will send you a reminder before the day of service to ensure that cleaners get into your home.

Customers of our regular cleaning service or recurring cleaning need to provide the assigned house cleaner with chemicals and cleaning tools. For other services, especially Bond Cleaning, we will take care of the cleaning products and cleaning tools.

We will bring our Eco Store clean products such as the vacuum, the mop and duster. We will also have a selection of cleaning tools including microfibre cloths and a scrubbing brush.

If you would like to provide your own vacuum cleaner and cleaning chemicals, you may do so.

Some clients prefer this for a number of reasons, such as hygiene concerns. They also need special chemicals for use on surfaces like marble. You can discuss your preferences with them during the initial walkthrough.

We acknowledge that all homes are different. With that in mind, we leave the decision to you! Customize your checklist according to your needs by giving special instructions for each product. You can do this through the online booking form, the mobile application or give us a call!

No, sorry but we do NOT clean blinds during upholstery cleaning.

Here is our step-by-step carpet cleaning process. We take our time in cleaning your carpet to ensure that all pet fur, stain, and other debris are removed.

  1. Pre-assessment: We always take a detailed look at your carpet to identify the condition and establish an individualized plan for it.
  2. Vacuuming the carpet: In this step, the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly to get rid of any loose dirt and dust of the upper layer of the carpet. This allows our cleaning agent to reach deep into it quickly, with far higher efficiency than just plain water that just sits on top.
  3. Quick Wash & Deodorizing: This step is vital for cleaning carpets. It makes sure the carpet is free of any dirt, dust or allergens that might harm you or your loved ones. Next, it prepares the carpet to be cleaned by releasing steam that removes dirt and brings back the original color of the carpet. Lastly, we get rid of bad smells using safe solutions to soften up tough stains on. Aside from that, deodorizing also means your carpet requires less drying time and achieves a great result overall.

About Our Cleaning Services

No. All cleaning services booked through our website or mobile app are paid for in full on the platform. Our cleaners are instructed not only to avoid accepting cash, but also cheque.

You can give any service voucher to your family and friends as a gift. You can buy the Gift Voucher here. Standard hourly rates and Terms & Conditions apply.

Unfortunately, only one voucher can be applied to your booking, and the terms of use for each promotion will be listed at checkout.

Due to different wage rate laws on the weekends, there is an additional $55 surcharge.

Book A Reliable Cleaning Service Today!

You can trust Effly to deliver quality services for your cleaning needs. Just give us a call or use our online form to get an instant quote.

Our Business is to Make Your Home Shine

Whether your home needs a routine clean or a once-over, contact Effly today to learn about our extensive cleaning services or book one immediately.

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