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Our end of lease cleaning services guarantee 100% satisfaction and ensure that you will get your bond back. We will not disappoint. Book our bond cleaning services, and we will be there to clean your property.

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Effly is a well-known cleaning company for booking local professional cleaners. Our staff are highly trained and undergo intensive reviews and screenings. Additionally, they are insured with $20 million in public liability insurance and job-related injury protection.

Why spend your weekends on tedious and boring chores when you can hire professionals for the job? Take this opportunity to relax and enjoy your time off from work - free yourself from the drudgery of cleaning!

They all our Service

Here's what our customers have to say about our services, professional cleaners and customer support staff:


Did a great job

David Maina


The couple who did my bond clean in the morning were efficient and kind!



Lesley Takudzwa did a fantastic job. Punctual, friendly and very detailed. Extremely happy with the service received.

Natasha Sharma


Place was very clean thank you

Rose Pollard


He did a great job as usual.



Abor completed tasks as per instructions



Eric was polite and did a great job on everything asked. I’m guessing he was last minute allocation as I confirmed with a lady the day before ,He did the cleaning of the oven to a high standard. Thankyou Eric

Tracey Parkinson


Jocelyn was phenomenal. Will be booking her again!




Gwendolyn Bradnick


Mao was phenomenal- best clean my house has ever had!

Eliza Woodhead


Unfortunately there was a hipcup with previous client but my cleaner went out of her way to get my job done . It was above and beyond . She done a amazing job . I was very stressed as I was selling my home . Thankyou



Very friendly lady and did a thorough job.

Rachel Southin

Guaranteed Security Bond Back with our Bond Cleaning Services

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House cleaning should be the least of your worries before moving out. Of course, you want to leave your current house clean and in good condition. With all the heavy lifting and a long list of things to do, it is easy to lose track of your plans.

Effly's professional bond cleaning services can significantly help you during moving out. For all of our clients, the small investment in our bond cleaning services pays off.

We are here to make your move a worry-free and pleasant experience. Our house cleaners are experts in bond cleaning or moving out cleaning. They are trained on how to clean all spaces, including the hard-to-clean and high-traffic areas, to make you feel at ease with saying goodbye to your former home.

You can set an appointment and avail of Effly's bond cleaning services. Just book our service via our secured online booking form or phone us at 1800 4 33359.

End of lease cleaning to kickstart the new chapter of your life

Effly's End of Lease cleaning services is a perfect fit if you plan to move out of your leased property. Moving is a big step, and it is also an exhausting process. You will have a lot of things to consider, and cleaning is one of the major tasks.

We are happy to take care of the cleaning to get some stress off your shoulder; so you can cross that errand off your checklist and focus on more important matters.

With more than 4 years of helping the Australian community, Effly aims to make things easier with your moving. Let our professional move-out cleaners do the work on your behalf while you focus on getting a head start with the new chapter of your life.

Bond Cleaning lady cleaner

Why Do You Need Bond Cleaning Services?

Cleaning before moving is hard work and time-consuming. With professional cleaners, the cleaning process becomes easier while you can focus on other tasks like packing and organizing. 

Reduce the stress of moving

The majority of bond cleaning services offer a guarantee and so do ours! This means that you will get your full deposit back because we'll make sure your property is spotlessly clean.

Get your deposit back

Hiring a move out cleaning service before selling your property will make it more attractive, and easier to sell. A professional cleaning service can help you give a great first impression to your new home.

Good impression from buyers

The best move out cleaning service allows for customization and will work with your preferences to leave your home in the same condition you left it in. You may even be able to save some money if you compare plans before signing up for one.

Customized cleaning

Years of End of Lease Cleaning Expertise

With our 4 years of experience in helping the Australian community, Effly aims to make things easier. So let our bond cleaners do the work on your behalf while you focus on getting a head start with the new chapter of your life.

Our trained and professional bond cleaning team provides:

Advanced cleaning techniques and processes

Tailored cleaning plans

Free cleaning estimates

Satisfaction guarantee

Bond Cleaning Checklist

Effly's professional bond cleaning team is fully trained to be meticulous during the cleaning process. They follow a comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning checklist to ensure that every part of your living space is thoroughly cleaned. We can guarantee you will have a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Standard Carpets vacuumed and clean skirting

Window frames and sills cleaned

Cabinets outside/inside cleaned

Skirting boards cleaned

Hard floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped

Wooden floors mopped

Walls (fingerprints/marks) spot cleaned

All light switches and bulbs cleaned

Cobwebs removed

Doors and door frames cleaned

General dusting

Ceilings cobweb removal


Window frames and sills cleaned

Splashback to be degreased and cleaned

Skirting boards cleaned

Thoroughly clean hob/stovetop

Clean dishwasher and microwave, inside and out

Clean and empty bins

Fridge/freezer - outside cleaned

Range hood - outside cleaned

Oven - Outside cleaned

Walls (fingerprints/marks) spot cleaned

Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined

Wipe down all the Benchtops

Cabinets and drawers outside/Inside cleaned

Hard floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped

Cobwebs removed

All light switches and bulbs cleaned

Doors and door frames cleaned

Tile/walls - bathtubs cleaned

Shower and shower doors cleaned

Windows, window frames and sills cleaned

Skirting boards cleaned

Mirrors cleaned and shined

Sink and bench cleaned and disinfected

Hard floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped

Toilet cleaned and disinfected

Chrome fixtures cleaned/shined

Cabinets and drawers outside/inside cleaned

Cobwebs removed

Doors and door frames cleaned

Walls (finger prints / marks) spot cleaned (optional extra: if requested will incur a surcharge, payable direct)

General dusting

Extractor Fan dusted

 Vacuum cleaning and sweeping the floor
 Cleaning of shelves, cupboards, and drawers
 Removal of cobweb
 Vacuum cleaning and mopping of floors
 Dusting and cleaning of the patio doors

Blind cleaning

 External window cleaning

 Deep cleaning of appliances

 Carpet steam cleaning

 Washing of walls

Fridge/freezer - inside complete

Range hood - inside and filter

Oven / racks & inside complete

Our Business is to Make Your Home Shine

Whether your home needs a routine clean or a once-over, contact Effly today to learn about our extensive cleaning services or book one immediately.

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You can trust Effly to deliver quality services for your cleaning needs. Just give us a call or use our online form to get an instant quote.

How does the Effly cleaning service work?

Effly has made the booking and cleaning process incredibly seamless for you!
Don't believe us? Book an appointment, and experience it yourself.

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Schedule us

Schedule UsWe're always available for cleaning, every day of the week.

Let us in

Schedule UsProvide clear entry instructions and rest assured we'll be there!

We Clean

Schedule UsWe have a great line-up of professional cleaners ready to go.

Give Feedback

Schedule UsTell us how we did. We're happy to listen and improve.

Rinse & repeat

Schedule UsSchedule recurring cleans to keep your place clean at all times.

Schedule us

Schedule Us
We are always ready and available to take a cleaning job.

Let us in

Schedule Us
Provide clear entry instructions and rest assured we'll be there!

We clean

Schedule Us
We have a great line-up of professional cleaners on stand-by.

Give feedback

Schedule Us
Tell us how we did. We're happy to listen and improve.


Rinse & repeat

Schedule Us
Schedule recurring cleans to keep your place clean at all times.

Why Effly is the Favourite Cleaning Agency in Australia

Choose us because of our reputation for excellence.

Effortless Payments

If you partner with Effly for your bond cleaning needs, you will experience ease in making the payment. We have transparent pricing policies, and you can pay for the job immediately upon booking, so you know there's no extra charge afterwards!

Easy and Quick Booking

It is easy to book Effly's professional carpet cleaning. You can book our services in under a minute: select the cleaning services you need, choose the schedule, and pay for the services. 

Why Effly is the Favourite Cleaning Agency in Australia

Choose us because of our reputation for excellence.

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Easy Communication

At Effly, we like to keep in touch with our customers. So we'll keep you updated about the cleaning schedule, from text messages to emails. Also, our communication lines are open, and you can contact us whenever you feel the need.

Same-day Cleaning Services

We understand that some of our clients would want a rush job, so Effly is also offering same-day cleaning services. The cleaning schedule, however, may vary depending on the number of bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

To guarantee great service quality, our cleaners have a 2-day rigorous training workshop before beginning their jobs at Effly. This ensures that they deliver exceptional services from day one. We Teach cleaners how to prioritise tasks, manage their time effectively, and work efficiently. Regularly evaluate cleaners' performance and provide constructive feedback. Our cleaning supervisors conduct onsite training to train them on different cleaning techniques and tools for various surfaces. 

With our online pricing method, we no longer have to visit sites or wait for quotes. You can also discuss your cleaning needs with one of our experts. You can book your cleaning conveniently over the phone or through the quote link sent by us. Alternatively, you can reserve spots through our website quickly &easily. Our Booking system requires credit card information. You are not making payment on a booking, we reserve the funds a day before the scheduled time and process payment after service completion.

Following your reservation, we will contact you via a customer onboarding call or email to discuss the services and review any required details. You'll be given notifications and reminders on the day of your service so you know the cleaner is coming. This exchange will help us clarify our expectations for the service. They'll give you an initial and final walkthrough to ensure you're satisfied with the job, and you can rate them via an online review system.

You don't need to pay immediately if you book your slot in advance. Safety and security are at the heart of our system - your credit card details remain encrypted, ensuring they are secure when you complete the booking. After completing the cleaning booking, we'll hold onto the funds for 24 hours before processing the payment. Don't worry--we stand by our work with a 100% guarantee! If you're unsatisfied with the cleaning, let us know via email [email protected] or call 1800 4 33359, and we'll send someone to reclean it.

We cherish our customers and strive to provide the utmost satisfaction through our professional cleaning services. We provide professional excellence, customised cleaning plans, reliable and trustworthy team, eco-friendly approach. Our online booking system helps you reserve an appointment in just 60 seconds, and you can conveniently manage it online without worrying about any extra fees or long-term contracts. Trained Cleaners will always arrive with the necessary tools and ensure that the same cleaner shows up each time.

Cleaners can clean many items and spaces to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. We have a wide range of services to fit your cleaning needs, i.e. Move, out cleaning, regular cleans, deep cleaning, and carpet shampoo services. Every service has specific cleaning tasks to complete during the job assignment. Some tasks include dusting, wiping surfaces, vacuuming, appliance cleaning, bathroom & toilet cleaning, air vent cleaning, and window cleaning, and covering all areas in the house.

If you choose to cancel your appointment 24 hours or more before the service, you're not subject to any cancellation fees. This can be done through your portal, phone, or email. Please include a brief explanation for the cancellation when using these methods. Rescheduling your booking at no extra cost is a great option for avoiding cancellation fees. However, if you decide to cancel at short notice, there will be an additional charge of $50 as an inconvenience fee.

We are always looking for conscientious cleaners to join our team. At Cleanly, customers receive the royal treatment - we take the recruitment process very seriously and perform rigorous background checks, including Police clearance & review of previous work history.

We are available to cater to areas such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. The good news is, We are working to make it available for all. If you can't find the service you need in your location, give us a call and let's work things out!

We ensure Public Liability Insurance protects all our cleaners. This means that should an accident or injury happen due to a cleaner's actions, you will be covered against any legal action taken. Ando provides us with confidence. Through Effly Cleaning Services, you can be assured that any insurance needs for your business can be taken care of in a single phone call.

Areas where Effly provides Cleaning Services
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