Earn from $1500 to $2500 weekly payment.

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The Straightforward Process to Work with Effly

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    Select the working hours and preferred location.

    You have complete control over your availability. 

Get Updates About Local Jobs

With Effly you can get local cleaning jobs in your area. Now there's no need to board public transports for travelling to long distances when you can get the jobs that are nearby your preferred location.

Build a Roster

Effly understands your busy schedule, and that's why we offer ultimate flexibility and ease of working. You will only get cleaning jobs assigned when you are available for work. You can also build a personalised roster with us to make working with us as easy as a breeze.

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    Show Us Your Cleaning Skills

    After clearing the documentation phase, you are required to show us what you can do.

Sign the Online Contract

We believe in saving time and paper too, so you will receive an online contract on your provided email. You can sign the agreement online without printing it.

Showcase Your Skills

Our clients expect only the best from us, so it's time for you to show how brilliant you are. We will assign you a trial cleaning job to find out how you excel.

Join Effly

After clearing the trial cleaning, you will receive regular cleaning jobs. Moreover, you can get a personalised roster and can choose the desired working location afterwards.

Why Work with Effly?

You will surely love working with Effly as we are a dependable and verified company.

On-Time Payments

We believe in saving time and paper too, so you will receive an online contract on your provided email. You can sign the agreement online without printing it.


All the expert cleaners working with us are insured. We will make sure to help you in selecting the right insurance coverage so that you can invest your 100% in working with us.

More than Just Cleaners

Effly is more than a cleaning company. With us, you will stand a chance to work with enthusiastic members like you. Surely, you will make some good memories working with Effly.

Join our Team of Happy Cleaners!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on several factors, like howbig the property is, and how many cleaners are needed there! On average, it takes around 1-hour to clean a room thoroughly for a team of two cleaners. However, the time frame can vary for messy areas that require more cleaning.

No, there is no need to do anything at your end as our professional cleaners will take care of everything. We have a team of highly trained move-in/move-out cleaners that can clean the property with guaranteed satisfaction.

Also, we come with all the required cleaning supplies and equipment to make the facility sparkling clean.

Our cleaning team will move the small furniture like coffee tables and armchairs in order to clean better. However, we don't move bulky furniture, including sofa, couch, and other items. Effly recommends removing all your personal belongings before the arrival of move-out cleaners for better cleaning.

Bond services at Effly don't include ceiling cleaning. However, our cleaners will remove the cobwebs. On the other hand, we will clean the accessible light fixtures only. The chandeliers and other inaccessible fixtures aren't included in the service package.

Our expert cleaners will leave no scope for you to be unhappy! In case you aren't happy enough with the condition of the property then we'll rectify it at the earliest. At Effly, we are dedicated to delivering our clients the best bond cleaning services.

No, it does not include the carpet shampoo. However, we vacuum it thoroughly.

Due to different wage rate laws on the weekends, there is an additional $55 surcharge.

If you need some add-ons with the services, then we request you to add them at the time of booking. It makes things easier for the cleaners, and they can gather the required supplies to fulfil your needs. Moreover, advance booking for add-on services helps with the ease of payments.

The cost of the service package depends on multiple factors, including how many rooms are there and the condition of the property. There are some other factors as well, including add-on services and the types of cleaning supplies you have requested for.

Yes, it is necessary to get the property cleaned if you want the bond back. The easiest way you can get your bond back is by booking the end of the lease of move-out cleaning services at Effly. We follow the cleaning Real Estate Agency Cleaning Checklist to clean the property, so there are more chances of getting the security deposit.

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