Diana’s Delightful Domains


Diana, a seasoned member of Effly’s cleaning team, took on the challenge of transforming a client’s home in just 2.5 hours. The client, Alysse, left a glowing review expressing immense satisfaction with Diana’s work.


  • Time Constraint: Completing a thorough cleaning within 2.5 hours required efficiency and strategic planning.
  • High Expectations: Alysse had specific expectations, particularly focusing on a sparkling bathroom and an overall pristine home.

Strategies Employed:

  1. Strategic Planning: Diana started with a clear plan, prioritizing areas that required the most attention within the given timeframe.
  2. Focused Bathroom Cleaning: Recognizing Alysse’s emphasis on bathroom cleanliness, Diana dedicated special attention to ensuring a sparkling finish.
  3. Professionalism: Diana maintained a professional demeanour, ensuring not only efficient cleaning but also a positive client-cleaning team interaction.


  • Diana efficiently moved through the house, tackling each room methodically.
  • Bathrooms received extra care, with specialized cleaning techniques to achieve a sparkling finish.
  • Attention to detail was a priority, ensuring no corner was left untouched.


  • Alysse’s house underwent a remarkable transformation within the set time frame.
  • Bathrooms, the focal point of the client’s expectations, not only met but exceeded cleanliness standards.
  • Diana’s professionalism and commitment to quality left a lasting impression.

Client Feedback:

Alysse’s satisfaction was evident in her 5-star rating and positive comments. She highlighted Diana’s efficiency the sparkling outcome, and expressed intent to rebook Diana for future services.


Diana’s efficient and thorough cleaning, coupled with her professionalism, showcases Effly’s commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations. This case study emphasizes the effectiveness of Effly’s cleaning teams in delivering outstanding results, even within time constraints.

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