Ways to make house cleaning fun and easy

Cleaning has always been a challenging task. Sometimes, even thinking about cleaning can make you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do. And there are times when you decide to give it one more week before you actually start to clean.

Even if you conduct a survey and ask people if they find cleaning entertaining, you’ll only get a few positive answers. Most people don’t enjoy house cleaning. They see the task a dull one. Others prefer to get help from expert cleaners from professional cleaning company to get the cleaning job done.

However, there are some ways you can make cleaning fun and easy. There are techniques you can do that won’t only make cleaning entertaining but also help you take some stress away. 

1. Listen to Music

Music is known to elevate some mood. According to research, music can be a good distraction which will make you pay less attention to your specific task. So if you listen to music while cleaning, you won’t notice the physical work you exert because you’ll pay more attention to the music you are listening to. Music can help you maintain the energy or even keep the energy up that will set your mood to clean the house even more.

If you are alone, make a playlist of your favourite songs as you work your way of cleaning each room. The music you play will set a temp for your cleaning, which means it will help you keep moving. You can also put yourself into a challenge to complete even a small task. For example, before a song will end, you should get to finish wiping the windows in your living room.

If you have your family to help you with the cleaning, play something up-beat that everyone can sing along or dance with while cleaning the house. Playing music won’t only make your cleaning job fun, but also it’ll keep you motivated.

2. Make cleaning a game.

Are you having a hard time getting your family members, especially your kids, to help you with the cleaning chore? It’ll be easy to ask them to help you out by turning the tasks into games. You can set a friendly competition among your children. Assign a cleaning task with corresponding points and keep a point chart somewhere. Let’s say you’ll give 10 points to someone who can put back all the toys to the toy basket, 5 points if they make the bed, 15 points for folding the laundry and so on. Whoever completes the task will get the points. Whoever gets the highest points receives some kind of prize.

Turning cleaning into a fun game can keep your kids’ interest in the process while distracting them from what they are actually doing, which is cleaning. There are cleaning tasks that are not so fun like cleaning the bathroom, picking the trash, clearing the gutters, etc. But making it, a game can turn it into motivation and keep even the adults keep motivated.

3. Turn cleaning into a workout.

Did you know that a cleaning session can get your heart rate going? This is true, especially if you do labour intensive chores like scrubbing the floors, washing your bathroom walls, cleaning showers, and so many more.  When you clean, you’ll keep walking back and forth, you’ll be lifting and carrying thins, and you’ll be climbing up and down. The physical activities brought by cleaning can be a workout routine. You’ll just need the right attitude. Turn your cleaning job into a workout by using a smartwatch to track your movements. 

Burn some calories by moving furniture and vacuuming the spaces behind them. You can also use some ankle weights for more intensive workout cleaning. Just make sure to wear comfortable or loose clothing and play some upbeat music for some added motivation. Remember, the harder you clean, the more calories you burn. 

4. Reward Yourself

Cleaning is never easy, and sometimes you hate doing it, but it’s necessary to keep your house in order. So, if you want to have the motivation, create rewards for yourself if you completed a particular task. For example, every time you deep clean your bathroom, you get to reward yourself with a manicure. Deep cleaning a bathroom is usually done once or twice a month so you get to check this heavy task on the list and your nails will look great afterwards. Another example is you can spend a weekend day on washing and tidying your laundry and take the rest of the day to yourself. Have a drink with your friends or take the night off from cooking on order food delivery instead.

If you have this reward system, you’ll likely to enjoy doing the cleaning task because you know you’ll get something positive after completing the job. Whether it’s nap time, chocolates or a hot bath, reward yourself after ticking off a task from your cleaning checklist.

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