Tips to Maintain the Sheen and Durability of Timber Flooring

Do you think that the timber floor has lost its luster and it doesn’t look that good as it used to years before? Well, it happens with everyone who doesn’t pay attention to the cleanliness of the floor.
Unlike other floors, timber flooring requires more maintenance and cleaning. And if you aren’t investing your time cleaning it, the floor will start looking dull and lifeless.
So, what to do to make the timber flooring look fantastic again? We know getting the sheen back isn’t an easy task, but with the below-mentioned tips, you can give a new life to the timber floor.
A sheeny floor will enhance the overall appearance of the entire home, so it is worth your time to clean it.
Read on these tips that you should follow without miss if you want the floor to look lustrous.

Don’t Skip Regular Cleaning.

Just like the standard flooring, timber flooring also requires regular cleaning. The more you keep the floor clean, the more will be its durability, and the sheen will be as-it-is for years.
Don’t use too many chemicals on the floor, instead invest in quality products and clean the floor at least twice in 15 days.
Start with vacuuming the floor to remove the dust and pet hair. Now use a soft brush and clean the dust accumulated along with the corners, where the vacuum attachment fails to reach.
After vacuuming, start mopping the floor gently using a mild floor cleaner that works well on timber flooring. If you don’t want to use chemical products, then you can prepare a home-made cleaning solution that works well on the floor.
Take a bucket full of water and add a few drops of mild soap, and a tablespoon of baking soda. Mix the solution so that the granules of baking soda get mixed into the water, and don’t cause any harm to the hardwood floor.
Dip the mop into the bucket and sweep it on the floor to ensure that it looks shiny and neat.

Use Lukewarm Water and Vinegar

If you clean the floor with regular water, you will see streaks after some time, and that doesn’t look good. To make sure that there are no streaks at all after you clean the floor, use a mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water.
The water that you will use for sweeping the floor should be lukewarm so that the mop will work well, and there will be no streaks afterward. If you see visible streaks on the floor and don’t have enough time to get into sweeping the entire floor, then clean the area with streaks using a vinegar solution.
Take a bottle full of warm water and add a few teaspoons of vinegar into it. If the streaks are spread across the entire floor, then you even add 1 cup of vinegar to the water. Use a soft cloth and wipe off the streaks by gently rubbing the solution.

Don’t Leave the Spills and Dirt Unattended.

The worst thing that can happen to the flooring is not attending the spills and dirt. Whenever you see your pet running on the floor with muddy paws, or your kid spilling his drinks get into action immediately.
Clean the stain using mops and vacuum cleaner so that it cannot establish its root on the floor, and therefore the timber flooring will look new and lustrous.
To clean liquid spills, you need dry rags or paper towels that absorb the moisture, so it becomes easy to clean the stains.
Rub the dry cloth gently and clean the spills, use a soft cloth thereafter to buff the floor so that it looks neat and clean.

Keep Your Kicks Away

You might have seen innumerable scratches on the timber flooring, and that is caused due to the abrasive debris sticking below your shoes. When you walk on the floor when debris under your shoes, it can cause scratches and the floor will lose its luster over time.
Get a shoe rack so that the family members and the guests arriving at your door can place their shoes in it before entering your house.
In case you don’t like the idea of using a shoe rack, get a good quality doormat so that the folks entering your house can get rid of the debris outside the door.
Keeping your house free from shoes will reflect in the cleanliness of the floor, and you will love how sheeny the hardwood looks after vacuuming and mopping.

Hire Professional Cleaners  

Despite the efforts you put in cleaning the floor, there may be something that you’ll find amissing even after cleaning the floor multiple times.
When you hire professional cleaners in Brisbane, then you are investing in the long lifespan of the timber floor. Professional cleaners are equipped with powerful equipment, and they have the best cleaning products.
You will believe the same after seeing the noticeable difference in the cleanliness and shine of the floor after you clean it, and when you get it cleaned from professionals.
Make sure that the agency you are hiring is well-versed with cleaning timber floors, as it needs special care.
Effly is here to save you from the hassles of searching for the “best cleaners near me”, and you can hire our expert technicians to clean the timber floor and your entire home.

Summing It Up

After you hire professional cleaners, follow these tips to prepare your house before the cleaning team arrives. At Effly, we have a team of professional cleaners that make sure to deliver their best, so your house or office looks squeaky clean.
You can quickly book cleaners with us within 60 seconds. Fill out the form available on the website or click on the Post navigation

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