What to do If Your Laundry Room Calls for Deep Cleaning?

Although most homeowners consider cleaning the laundry room to be an unnerving task due to the lack of knowledge of where to start and where to end. But someone has to do it as you can’t leave the laundry room unclean due to a variety of reasons.

Just like other rooms in your house, the laundry room also deserves deep cleaning as it can be the favorite sport for mildew and mould to thrive.

But what should you do when your laundry room calls for deep cleaning? Get all the answers here!

Clean the Dust

Similar to other rooms, dust can settle in the laundry room as well. From the counters to the shelves and light fixtures, dust settles everywhere making the area unclean and unhygienic.

You should start by cleaning the dust from every corner in the laundry room. We recommend using a duster with a long handle so that you can reach the ceiling and other hard-to-reach areas.

Here are some areas that need your special attention when it comes to cleaning dust:

  • Countertops
  • Around windows
  • Baseboards
  • Shelves
  • Cabinet tops
  • Ceiling
  • Light Fixtures
  • Exhaust/ceiling fan
  • Dryer and washer exteriors

Try to cover the floor with some newspapers, so that the dust doesn’t settle down on the floor and you don’t have to dedicate extra time cleaning it.

Clean Behind Dryer and Washer

You will only come to know how dirty the washer behind is after dropping a sock accidentally in the area. Generally, people don’t pay attention to the washer’s back, and dust starts accumulating there.

Also, don’t get surprised if you see lint, clumps of dirt lingering on the backside of the washer. These reasons are enough to deep clean the laundry room, which includes cleaning the washer behind and other similar areas.

Do you know how to clean the washer behind? Let us help you with some quick tips!

  • Pull the washer unit keeping an eye on the drain pipes so that these don’t get disconnected.
  • If you see any moisture on the back of the unit, use an old rag or sponge to absorb it.
  • Get a vacuum cleaner and clean the entire back of the washer along with the corners, walls, and floor before putting it back in its place.
  • Disinfect the area using an excellent disinfectant.
  • Put the washer back carefully, and go ahead with cleaning other areas.

A Pro Tip: Use protective gear like a face mask and protective glasses while cleaning this area. There can be mould or mildew formation at the back, so better safe than sorry!

Clean the Shelves and Cabinets

Most of you will be cleaning the exterior of the cabinet only to make it look good, but what about the interiors that carry your clothes? Just like the behind of the washer, mildew can thrive on the shelves and cabinets if not cleaned on time.

The only way you can deep clean the cabinets is by emptying them for thorough cleaning. Moreover, you can check the detergent bottles to make sure that these are good to use or throw them in the bin.
You can use any multipurpose cleaner to clean the cabinets and shelves. Also, make sure to wipe down the interiors properly, so there’s no dust left behind.

Get Rid of the Buildup on Countertop

Cleaning and washing clothes mean spilling liquid detergent on the countertop and floor. With time the spills can become unsightly stains which can turn down the overall appearance of the laundry room.

Also, if you don’t remove the spills quickly, these can form grime, and that can stick to the clothes, making them dirty again after washing.

Commence the cleaning by preparing a mix of vinegar and cleaning solution with some warm water. You can prepare the mix based on the length of the countertop and how frequently you will be using it.

Use a good quality scrubber and scrub off the stains to make the countertop look new again.

Don’t Forget the Windows.

How can you forget the windows when these are an essential part of the laundry room! The stains caused by soap and water can make the windows look dirty, so you should clean them to accomplish your deep cleaning task.

Don’t know how to clean the windows? Leave the task to Effly, and let us deep clean the entire laundry room for you. Do you see any flies hovering near the windows? Follow these five tips to get rid of flies naturally and effectively.

End It with the Floors

You should clean the floors at the end as dust and grime can fall off from the shelves and counters. Vacuum the entire floor and then mop it to get rid of the spots and stains. Allow it to dry quickly before you step in to wash your clothes.

To Sum Up

Whether you enjoy it or not, deep cleaning the laundry room is an essential task. If you think that it’s not your cup of tea or you don’t get enough time to clean the mess, then Effly is here to help.

Yes, there are some tips available to make cleaning fun and easy, but nothing can replace the results of professional house cleaning.

We offer complete domestic cleaning services you can count on. Click on the Contact Us button to book professional cleaners, and leave all your cleaning worries to us.

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