What is Included

What Is Included in Our Cleaning Services?

With Effly you will get a fantastic service experience, and our cleaners will put in their 100% to make it even better! 

You can book expert cleaners with us based on the number of bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen so that it becomes straightforward for you to customise a cleaning plan.

All the cleaners working with us are insured, trained, and police checked, so you can freely focus on other paramount activities as Effly is here to take care of the cleaning.

We believe that it is imperative to know what is included in our services before booking a maid, so that you get what you expect from us.

Living Room (Hallway and Stairs Included)

  • Dusting and cleaning of woodwork, window panes, and door frames
  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping of hardwood floors
  • Vacuum cleaning of tiled floors
  • Removal of rubbish and disposal in the bins
  • Dusting and cleaning of picture frames and artefacts
  • Vacuum cleaning of furniture
Living Room


  • Making of beds (with changes linens)
  • Dusting and cleaning of light fixtures and lampshades
  • Dusting of baseboards
  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping of the floor
  • Decluttering and arranging¬† the room
  • Cleaning of upholstery and artifacts
  • Mirror cleaning


  • Thorough cleaning of counter tops and cabinets
  • Cleaning of appliances (only the accessible ones)
  • Complete cleaning and scrubbing of kitchen sink
  • Cleaning of stove top
  • Stains and rubbish removal
  • Cleaning of microwave and refrigerator
  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping of the floor
  • Cleaning and stacking the dishes
  • Extras (on special requests)


  • Thorough cleaning of the bathtub, shower tiles, and the shower caddy
  • Cleaning and sanitization of toilet
  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping of the floor
  • Folding and arranging towels
  • Cleaning of the cabinet (outer)
  • Cleaning and scrubbing the sink
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Removal of trash

Why Effly?

Expert cleaners with ample experience in the industry

Easy-breezy and safe payments

Insured and bonded staff

Immaculate cleaning guaranteed

Book a cleaning professional now, it's simple and fast!

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