Steps to Open Your Business Facility Safely During this Pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced us to close everything from airports to shopping malls and other facilities.

To bring the drowning economy on track the governments around the world are planning for a gradual reopening in order to make things better.

But we know things will not be the same anymore, as social distancing and sanitization are a must! If you are also planning to reopen your business during the pandemic, then it requires thorough planning.

In order to ensure safety for your employees and staff, it is essential to draft a reopening plan that keeps everyone safe, and you can run your business without any obstacles.

Here are the steps you need to take to reopen your facility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Develop a Master Plan to Promote to Ensure Safety

Every business has to come up with a plan in order to ensure safety for the occupants. With a sure-shot plan in place, you can limit the exposure of the virus, which is the need of the hour. Check these tips to draft a plan for your business.

  • Keep the windows opened for some time to improve ventilation.
  • Keep the main doors open to avoid multiple occupants from touching them. Touching any area can spread the virus, so it is a necessity to prevent people from touching these areas.
  • Don’t invite the entire workforce on the same day. Make rosters for them on alternate days so that everyone can work in a safe environment.
  • Curtail social contact by placing the working desks at a certain distance. Also, limit the access of coffee creamers and other things most of your employees will be using.
  • Educate the employees and customers about the benefits of following social distancing and using hand sanitizers frequently.

If you are into a retail business, then you need something more than these tips. We are here with some extra tips that will assist you in running your retail store safely during the pandemic.

Use Signage

Using signage to guide the customers is a good idea while ensuring social distancing. Post the signage at the front entrance and the exit so that the customers can find their way through the store shopping for essentials.

Promote Contactless Deliveries

Contactless deliveries are an immediate need to stop the spread of the virus. There are multiple businesses across the country that are using contactless deliveries as it works great for retail chains.

If you cannot adopt contactless deliveries then curbside pickup is also a viable option.

Allow Only Customers with Mask and Face Covers

There is nothing more important than containing the spread of COVID-19. Educating customers about the use of masks and face covers will surely help in limiting the spread of the virus.

Health organizations recommend that using a face mask is essential for everyone, so it should be on your checklist while developing a plan to reopen the facility.

Use Commercial Cleaning and Sanitization

Commercial cleaning and sanitization are among the top priorities! Using face covers and staggering work schedules will surely help, but nothing can replace the importance of cleaning.

When most of your employees are busy in arranging the facility for the customers, it would be taxing to focus on cleaning.

At Effly, we are well-versed with the new guidelines released by the authorities. Also, we are one of the best choices for commercial cleaning services so you can count on us to get your facility cleaned and sanitized.

Our expert cleaners will clean everything from the floors to high-touch surfaces, including door handles, monitors, keyboards, and cash counters.

What Commercial Facilities Does Effly Serve?

Effly offers comprehensive commercial cleaning services that cater to a wide range of commercial businesses. Here is a list of facilities our experts can clean.

  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Educational facilities
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail chains and stores
  • Offices and commercial buildings

How Frequently Do You Need Commercial Cleaning?

We know you must be thinking about how frequently your business needs commercial cleaning to stay open while offering a healthy environment to the occupants! Well, it depends on how much traffic your business attracts in a day and type of business you have.

If you have a retail store that sees hundreds of customers in a day, then your facility needs cleaning on an everyday basis. Check out approximate time COVID-19 virus lasts on different surfaces to know why everyday cleaning is required.

  • Copper surfaces: Four hours*
  • Fabric: 24 hours*
  • Glass: Five days*
  • Plastic Three days*
  • Cardboard: 24 hours*
  • Stainless Steel: Three days*

The only way to exterminate the virus from these surfaces is regular cleaning and sanitization so your business should focus on everyday cleaning if you are planning to reopen it.

Read this report for more information!

Concluding Statement

There are innumerable benefits of hiring expert cleaners at Effly, as we have trained our cleaners to cope with the current situation while offering excellent cleaning services.

Before you reopen the facility for the customers, you should get it cleaned and sanitized. Call us today to book our commercial cleaners.

Or you can even get a customized cleaning plan with us for everyday cleaning of your facility.

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