Cleaning Service Provider Handbook

Congratulations and welcome to the Effly Service Provider network. We can't wait to get you started on your journey here. Read through the content here to smooth your transition with us. You will help Australian families get the extra time they deserve to be part of a bigger community.

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Please read the following introduction to the hospital and try to memorize and save the phone numbers as you can.

  1. If the job has been quoted correctly i.e. correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms, call Effly before starting the job.
  2. If the property is larger than quoted, very dirty, very cluttered or has a lot of glass - call Effly  before starting the job.
  3. If there is any damage noticed before the service, please take photographs and update on the Effly  app and call Effly team before starting the job.
  4. If the customer has asked for additional tasks outside their confirmed booking call Effly team  before starting the job.
  5. At no stage should cash be exchanged during a booking
  6. If you are unsure and want to check before the service starts, please call our Support Team for advice on +61 735582018 or 1800433359

Please ensure any time adjustments have been confirmed back to you by our Support Team before you start.

If the adjustments are not confirmed back to you, you may not be paid extra for the time.


Here are a couple of videos to watch to use Effly Service Portal Tips etc
Tips to Clean the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom

Effly’s Booking and Invoice Processes

All bookings are paid at the agreed per hour rate during signing up.

Getting jobs through the app/portal

Getting jobs through the app/portal

Click here for App download instructions)

Most bookings are automatically allocated through our portal. Please use the portal or app to see the new jobs in your area. Click on the jobs to see the job details and number of hours. Check your availability and travel time — if the job does fit into your schedule, hit the “Interested ” button and wait for our response.

Payment Details: You will get paid weekly in your associated bank account. Payment Day is On Every Tuesday and includes all jobs from Sunday to Saturday . Cut off is on every Sunday. For an example Payment date is 22nd June 2021 for the period 13th of June to 19th of June 2021. 

Getting jobs through text message
Getting jobs through email
Service Timing
Reliability, quality and professionalism!
Cancellation and Changes Policy
Resignation from the platform
Proof of the job-Photographs
Removal from our network
Quality Control
Terms and Conditions

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