Cleaning Service Provider Handbook

Congratulations and welcome to the Effly Service Provider network. We can't wait to get you started on your journey here. Read through the content here to smooth your transition with us. You will help Australian families get the extra time they deserve to be part of a bigger community.

Not sure what we do? Watch our videos to find out more about Effly value.

Please read the following introduction to the hospital and try to memorize and save the phone numbers as you can.

  1. If the job has been quoted correctly i.e. correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms, call Effly before starting the job.

  2. If the property is larger than quoted, very dirty, very cluttered or has a lot of glass - call Effly before starting the job.

  3. If there is any damage noticed before the service, please take photographs and update on the Effly app and call Effly team before starting the job.

  4. If the customer has asked for additional tasks outside their confirmed booking call Effly team before starting the job.

  5. At no stage should cash be exchanged during a booking

  6. If you are unsure and want to check before the service starts, please call our Support Team for advice on 1800433359.

Please ensure any time adjustments have been confirmed back to you by our Support Team before you start.

If the adjustments are not confirmed back to you, you may not be paid extra for the time.

Here are a couple of videos to watch to use Effly Service Portal Tips

Tips to Clean the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom

Effly's Booking and Invoice Processes

All bookings are paid at the agreed per hour rate during signing up.

Getting jobs through the app/portal

Getting jobs through the app/portal

Click here for App download instructions)

Most bookings are automatically allocated through our portal. Please use the portal or app to see the new jobs in your area. Click on the jobs to see the job details and number of hours. Check your availability and travel time - if the job does fit into your schedule, hit the "Interested " button and wait for our response.

Payment Details: You will get paid weekly in your associated bank account. Payment Day is On Every Tuesday and includes all jobs from Sunday to Saturday . Cut off is on every Sunday. For an example Payment date is 22nd June 2021 for the period 13th of June to 19th of June 2021. 

Getting jobs through text message

Getting jobs through text message

For urgent jobs, Effly sends an SMS to all Service Providers in the service area. This message provides booking details.

For example, you could receive: "New Job EY11927: Brisbane - 2br 1bth, Regular clean, 2.5hrs. Tuesday @7.30am. Avail?"

Check your availability - if the job suits you please respond via text including the job number, eg "EY11927 Yes available" or ignore the text.

Getting jobs through email

Getting jobs through email

At the end of most days, we send a list of all open jobs via email. Please check your availability and respond via email if you are available for a job. Please remember to include the job number!

Once you have been allocated a job you will receive a confirmation email with the full job details, contact details, and any access instructions.

Service Timing

Service Timing

You MUST be On time, every time!

Providers are expected to arrive on time and remain to service the property for the duration of the allocated booking time. If you are running late, please call Effly's support team, and we will let the client know.

Our jobs are quoted in total hours. For example - a 6-hour job pays $180 total.

1 cleaner must be onsite for 6 hours - the job pays $180

2 cleaners could be onsite for 3 hours (2 cleaners)  - the job will pay $180

3 cleaners could be onsite for 2 hours (3 cleaners)  - the job still pays $180

As part of our workmanship, we provide our customers with a Reclean service for End of Tenancy Cleans. Every pro needs to complete the EOT checklist and attend the final walkthrough with the customer but in case of any dispute and concerns raised by the customer need to address the unpaid.

Reliability, quality, and professionalism!

Reliability, quality, and professionalism!

We're glad to have you as a part of the network because you have so many qualities we love. Please keep up the great work so that you rate highly in our internal review system. We do have a "two-strikes and you're out" policy which we hope never has to be used.

Cancellation and Changes Policy

Cancellation and Changes Policy

We need to protect both providers and consumers from the inconvenience of last-minute changes with our cancellation policy.

We charge the client a fee (and pass it on to our Service Providers) if they cancel within 12 hours of their appointment.

If you're unable to access the property, call us and stay on the job site until instructed by a staff member. We'll be able to help with your travel costs but please stay onsite and wait for instructions.

Any cancellations made by the service providers within 24-hours of the booking will incur a 2-hour penalty fee. Canceling an ongoing booking will always incur a 1-hour fee

Resignation from the platform

Resignation from the platform

As per our terms and conditions, please give the company 2 weeks' notice before leaving.



You need to bring cleaning supplies with you. This includes a vacuum, mop, bucket and cloths and eco friendly cleaning chemicals and must be taken to each job. 



Effly never pays for parking. Please check the job address to see if there is street parking.

Often customers give tips on parking near their home, these can be found in the access instructions on most bookings. Or customers arrange the carpark for you unless they advise the company to charge on their Credit Card. 

Proof of the job-Photographs

Proof of the job-Photographs

Before and after photographs are compulsory on all End Of Lease and Spring Clean jobs.

Please ensure that you photograph any pre-existing damage, or if you cause any damage to any bookings. It is a requirement to check-in and out from each job. Each job needs to be signed off by the customer https://effly.com.au/walkthrough/ 




Your business is liable for any damage that you cause on-site. Please do a pre-clean walk-through to look for damage before you start a clean, photograph any marks or scratches, and call us on the number below. 


Please add the following contacts to your phone/email:

Effly Job Alert (Through App or Email only):

Effly Support: +61 735582018 or 1800433359

Email[email protected]


Please never contact the client directly regarding their booking

You will have the customer's phone number to contact them if they want anything or for emergencies only. Please do not call the client if they want to reschedule or change their booking and always call Effly first.

Removal from our network

Removal from our network

Our clients are the best in business and we offer customers a 100% guarantee.

  • Poor quality of service
  • Ongoing negative feedback from customers
  • Consistently bad timekeeping
  • Cancellations as a result of poor service or poor behavior
  • Approaching customers to work directly
  • Breach of the Effly Code of Conduct
  • Attending a job without check into the app. 
Quality Control

Quality Control

We have Quality Control Officers on staff who monitor our work to make sure it's high quality and meets Effly's standards.

Our officers will visit your workplace every 3 months to do a preliminary inspection. After they go through the checklist and you answer any questions, they'll give the service's current status an overall rating. It can be a good time to ask them anything you might be wondering about!

Spot checks are done at random and without warning. Quality checks (QC) may come to your job to make sure that the following is up to code:

  • Providers have arrived and/or leave on time
  • All Providers onsite have an Effly ID card
  • Providers are dressed appropriately have the necessary equipment
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By accepting any booking offered to you by Effly you agree to the Service Pro Terms & Conditions - available HERE and to Effly's service agreement available here; 

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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