Move Out Cleaning Your Key to Getting the Full Security Deposit Back

Move Out Cleaning: Your Key to Getting the Full Security Deposit Back

You have plenty of things on your plate when you are moving out. Aside from all the organizing and packing that could take up most of your free time, you need to clean the unit before handing it over to your landlord.

With an already packed schedule, you don’t have time to go down on your hands and knees to clean every cupboard and cabinet, right? However, if you will not leave the place meticulously cleaned, your landlord will not give your security deposit in full.

It will not happen if you hire a cleaning company that offers bond cleaning. Leaving the move out cleaning to these professionals will give you plenty of time to concentrate on your move, and it will guarantee that you will get your rental bond without cleaning deductions.

Move Out Cleaning Experts to the Rescue

If you have been living in this property for a long time, it is hard to see the place from your landlord’s perspective. However, hiring professionals for bond cleaning who are experts in this situation will give you a fresh pair of eyes. They will not leave until the place is spotless and the move-out cleaning checklist is completed.

Some landlords provide a move-out cleaning checklist that would serve as your reference when asking for a quote from the cleaning company. Although the task will cost you more than cleaning the rental yourself, it can be worth it if you get this off your tasks and focus on moving.

Benefits of Hiring Move-Out Cleaners

Still not convinced why you need professionals for your bond cleaning? Here are the reasons why.

Cost-Efficient Way of Getting the Deposit Back

When you signed your lease agreement for the apartment or house, you made a safety deposit. If you have not read the fine print of your contract, it is stipulated that you will only get your full security deposit back if the place is clean and with damages upon leaving.
To ensure that the move out cleaning is up to the standards of your landlord, hire professionals from Effy. They clean all the dirt and grime in your rentals at a very reasonable price.

Avoid Fines

If we go back to your lease agreement again, there is a clause there for fines and fees. It states that the landlord can charge you a corresponding fine if you leave the unit dirty and messy. This amount can be taken out from your security deposit, leaving you with only a little amount. It will be higher if there are damages to the carpet, upholstery, walls, etc.

Your best solution to avoid these fines is by hiring an affordable bond cleaning service. For a reasonable amount, you will have a clean unit to hand over to the landlord and withdraw back your security deposit.

Save Time and Effort

How much time does it take to clean the whole apartment from top to bottom? Do you have the tools and equipment to do it? And more importantly, do you have the skills? If answering these questions is already giving you a headache, you need to call for help.

And we don’t mean calling your friends. You need professionals in move-out cleaning. Bond cleaning will take a substantial amount of your time and energy, which you can dedicate to getting settled in your new home.

You will not only save time and energy, but you will also have a satisfied landlord who is happy to give your security deposit back.
If you are in Australia, connect with any of our bond/move-out cleaning professionals at We give you a 100% guarantee that you would be pleased with the service.

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