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Recurring clean is subjected to 2 jobs minimum commitment.
Prices are Inc GST.* Read FAQ.
Minimum number of hours is 2 hours

Calculate Your Hours

So you are not sure how many hours are required to clean your home? Well, it is no more difficult as Effly is here with an Hourly Calculator. No matter how many rooms you want to get cleaned, our easy-to-use calculator will assist you in calculating the total hours required. 

Single/ Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 1
Number of Bathrooms 1
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 2 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 2 hours
Single/ Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 2
Number of Bathrooms 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 2 1/2 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 3 hours
Single/ Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 3
Number of Bathrooms 1
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 3 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 3 1/2 hours
Single Level
Number of Bedrooms 4
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 3 1/2 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 4 hours
Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 4
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 4 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 5 hours
Single Level
Number of Bedrooms 5
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 5 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 6 hours
Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 5
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 6 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 7 hours
Number of Bedrooms Number of Bathrooms Required Hours
Weekly/Fortnight Clean
Required Hours
Single Clean
Single/ Double Level 1 1 2 hours 2 hours
Single/ Double Level 2 2 2 1/2 hours 3 hours
Single/ Double Level 3 1 3 hours 3 1/2 hours
Single Level 4 1 - 2 3 1/2 hours 4 hours
Double Level 4 1 - 2 4 hours 5 hours
Single Level 5 1 - 2 5 hours 6 hours
Double Level 5 1 - 2 6 hours 7 hours
Add-ons Required Hours
Weekly/Fortnight Clean
Required Hours
Single Clean
Extra Bathroom 30 minutes 30 minutes
Fridge Inside 30 Minutes 30 minutes
Inside Oven Clean 1 hour 1 hour

Here’s what Our Customers Have to Say About Us

The Effly cleaners have done an amazing job! The service provided was the best clean I have ever had by any cleaning company over the years. Thank you for all your help, for listening to my needs and for doing your best to ensure that I am satisfied. Your work is truly appreciated.



We like the cleaning service of the company because it provides flexibility for our needs as a couple. They also send a variety of people to clean. It's effortless to book an appointment with them, so that's a plus.

Ellaine and Tom


Effly sent us a cleaning team that is not just courteous, but sweet and friendly too. I can see that they are experienced and know how to clean. They take care of my cleaning requests and do a good job of the routine cleaning. I love the convenience that we get from having them clean our home regularly. So, thank you, effly cleaners.



Some of our Cleaners

Junior Yango

Junior Yango

Shiva Kumar

Shiva Kumar Chhetri

Namgay Wangmo

Namgay Wangmo

Your Advantages

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Safe: All Professionals have been thoroughly vetted
Customer service: Available 24 * 7 over the email and chat
Customize: You can customize tasklist based on your preferences
Quality check: Customer reviews used to continuously improve quality
Cashless payment: Secure online payment by credit card without any extra fee
Easy to use: Services can be booked online in 60 seconds ' One-off or Recurring '

What We Do

Below Services Includes Living Areas, Kitchen, and Cleaning Supplies

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Tidying Beds

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[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Clean Laundry Area

[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Ironing Service

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Washing Dishes

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[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Disinfect Floors

[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Clean Inside Oven

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[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Rubbish Disposal

[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Clean Windows

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Anti Mould


Why Effly?

Dedicated Team

When you call our customer service, you will speak with our accommodating and friendly customer service consultants. They are always ready to answer your queries and assist you with every step of the way. Arranging your cleaning appointment will be easy.

Security Checked

Rest assured that we have taken the essential steps only to hire the best people in the industry to take care of your home and your valuables. Background checks and thorough hiring have been conducted to ensure that you'll feel safe with us.

Continual Training

We believe that there is always room for improvement and an opportunity to learn something new. The cleaning industry is constantly changing, so we continue to provide training to our employees regularly to ensure high-quality cleaning.

Excellent Reviews

We do not only speak about our service, but we also prove it. And no one can talk about the truth about our cleaning service than our clients. They'll tell you the benefits of leaving the tedious task with us while they focus on other essential tasks.

Finally, you have found a perfect apartment in Marrickville, and now, you are excited to move in to begin a new chapter in your life. New place, new home and a new adventure.

Moving is not an easy task. There are lots of things to take care of. Packing, moving and of course cleaning. As exciting as it can be, the process of moving can also be stressful. Having your new apartment cleaned before you move in can be a great start. There might be dirt and dust lurking in many places in your new home, so before you bring in your belongings, make sure the area is thoroughly clean.

Performing a deep cleaning can help you identify the areas that need repairs or replacement. Getting help from the best cleaners in Marrickville -Effly, can reduce your stress and make your moving process easier and quicker. With having experts to take care of the cleaning task, you can focus more on the positive factors of moving.

Hire best house cleaning services in Marrickville, NSW from the professional cleaners at Effly. We have made the process incredibly seamless. Don't believe us? Book an appointment, and experience it yourself.

Here are the services you can get from Effly

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