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Recurring clean is subjected to 2 jobs minimum commitment.
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Minimum number of hours is 2 hours

Calculate Your Hours

So you are not sure how many hours are required to clean your home? Well, it is no more difficult as Effly is here with an Hourly Calculator. No matter how many rooms you want to get cleaned, our easy-to-use calculator will assist you in calculating the total hours required. 

Single/ Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 1
Number of Bathrooms 1
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 2 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 2 hours
Single/ Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 2
Number of Bathrooms 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 2 1/2 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 3 hours
Single/ Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 3
Number of Bathrooms 1
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 3 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 3 1/2 hours
Single Level
Number of Bedrooms 4
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 3 1/2 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 4 hours
Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 4
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 4 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 5 hours
Single Level
Number of Bedrooms 5
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 5 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 6 hours
Double Level
Number of Bedrooms 5
Number of Bathrooms 1 - 2
Required HoursWeekly/Fortnight Clean 6 hours
Required HoursSingle Clean 7 hours
Number of Bedrooms Number of Bathrooms Required Hours
Weekly/Fortnight Clean
Required Hours
Single Clean
Single/ Double Level 1 1 2 hours 2 hours
Single/ Double Level 2 2 2 1/2 hours 3 hours
Single/ Double Level 3 1 3 hours 3 1/2 hours
Single Level 4 1 - 2 3 1/2 hours 4 hours
Double Level 4 1 - 2 4 hours 5 hours
Single Level 5 1 - 2 5 hours 6 hours
Double Level 5 1 - 2 6 hours 7 hours
Add-ons Required Hours
Weekly/Fortnight Clean
Required Hours
Single Clean
Extra Bathroom 30 minutes 30 minutes
Fridge Inside 30 Minutes 30 minutes
Inside Oven Clean 1 hour 1 hour

Here’s what Our Customers Have to Say About Us

 I’m writing to recommend Effly for a great cleaning service. You can really count on this company  to make your home immaculately clean. We have been using teri services for months and I can say that they have been the ebay cleaners we have ever employed. The cleaners are wonderful people whose desire is to satisfy their clients with their cleaning. Hire this company and you will never be disappointed.


Surry Hills

They are very professional and arrive on time. They did a good job cleaning our home. I was surprised with the result. I never expected that our home would be this clean. I will never let anyone clean our house again rather than this company. Thank you for the great service!



I hired this company after our house was flooded after a bad storm. The cleaners arrived on time. They were all professionals and friendly too. It was a long day and they did a lot of cleaning but I did not hear any complaints at all. They left wearing the same smiles they had when they arrived. I am really grateful for their hard work and for the help. Our home looks nice again. The air smells fresh, no hints of flood and whatsoever. A very big thanks to Effl and its amazing cleaners.


Rushcutters Bay

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Safe: All Professionals have been thoroughly vetted
Customer service: Available 24 * 7 over the email and chat
Customize: You can customize tasklist based on your preferences
Quality check: Customer reviews used to continuously improve quality
Cashless payment: Secure online payment by credit card without any extra fee
Easy to use: Services can be booked online in 60 seconds ' One-off or Recurring '

What We Do

Below Services Includes Living Areas, Kitchen, and Cleaning Supplies

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Tidying Beds

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Clean Laundry Area

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Ironing Service

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Washing Dishes

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[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Disinfect Floors

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Clean Inside Oven

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[/su_column][su_column size="1/4" center="no" ]

Rubbish Disposal

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Clean Windows

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Anti Mould


Why Effly?

Remarklable Quality

We have maintained a good reputation because of how we meet and exceed customer satisfaction. We work passionately, effectively and efficiently to make your home spotlessly clean with our every visit.

No contracts

You are free to end your cleaning service with us whenever you want to. Our customers continue to avail of our service not because they are obliged to or under a contract but because we provide true value to them.

Customised solution

We have comprehensive cleaning services that are constantly examined and tweaked to adapt to our customers' needs and requirements. We will closely work with you and work on a cleaning service plan for your home.

Trusted Staff

We invest highly in hiring and training the best people to be part of our company. Our professional cleaners are motivated, passionate and committed to provide top quality cleaning services for your home.

Renovating your home can be pretty exciting. Your home will have new features and a new look. However, after the remodeling, you will be left with a huge mess. Aside from the build up of dust and debris, there will be dirt stuck in some areas in your home. Instead of taking care of it yourself, you should hire a professional cleaning service.

For this situation, there is more cleaning involved than your regular cleaning. Cleaning up the mess from the renovation project may require special attention and equipment. That is why hiring the best cleaners in Darlinghurst - Effly would be your best option because they know how to tackle the job more efficiently.

Let the experts take care of the huge mess and free yourself from headaches. Just sit back and relax and let them do their job. And once they are done, you can finally enjoy your new space.

Hire best house cleaning services in Darlinghurst, NSW from the professional cleaners at Effly. We have made the process incredibly seamless. Don't believe us? Book an appointment, and experience it yourself.

Here are the services you can get from Effly

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