Five Cleaning Rules You Should Follow Religiously for a Spick and Span Apartment

Following the simplest of things can assist you in keeping your apartment space clean and tidy. In other words, if you religiously follow a few rules, then you can maintain the cleanliness of your apartment, and it would look clean for days after you’ve hired the professional cleaners.

Nothing can replace professional cleaning, but with these tips, you can enhance the lifespan of the cleaning. You don’t have to dedicate the entire day in cleaning your apartment; still, it will look clean and appealing.

As a leading cleaning company, Effly is here with a handful of tips you should follow for a cleaner space.

  1. There’s No Better Start than the Morning

    Start with cleaning after you wake up as you can accomplish most of the tasks before you leave for your office or work. Furthermore, you’ll feel motivated after a fresh sleep so cleaning will be fun. Start with making your bed, and you will see dramatic changes in the neatness of your room.

    Also, don’t forget to round up the scattered clothes and make sure that there’s no clutter in your house. A small step can make a massive difference, and once you get love cleaning your room, there’s no way back.

  2. Say No to Clutter!

    Bidding goodbye to the clutter will ensure that there’s nothing in your house that’s making it look messy. Don’t throw your clothes on the couch, and don’t do such things that are cluttering your space.

    Similarly, get rid of the items you don’t need. Like the old chair you don’t use anymore, and the broken flower vase that’s still there as you don’t have enough time to throw it away.

    In this modern world “less is more”, and you should stick to it to make your house look clean and neat. Do this to all rooms, including the kitchen and the bathroom, and see the wonderful results.

  3. Do the Cleaning Tasks Straight Away

    So it’s a cosy day, and you don’t want to get out of the bed to clean? Well, it happens with everyone, but you have to be active to keep your house clean. Respond to the cleaning task immediately, so there’s nothing left for the day.

    Leaving the tasks means you have to do them together, and that can consume a lot of time while leaving you exhausted. If you don’t feel like cleaning on a particular day, then there’s another way to follow your regime.

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  4. Don’t Overlook Professional Cleaning Services.

    So you are following all the aforementioned tips to keep your house clean? Excellent, pat yourself on the back! But you should never overlook professional cleaning services! Cleaning the complete home can be a task, and for that, you need reliable cleaners like us.

    Yes, following these tips can enhance the cleaning’s longevity, so you don’t have to book a cleaning company multiple times a week.

    Confused between booking cleaners weekly or monthly? Go through this article to find out why weekly cleaning service compared to monthly services.

  5. Make a List

    Anyone can get confused between multiple cleaning tasks. So I’d be great to make a list and stick to it. You can make different lists for different days so that you get enough time to dedicate to the cleaning.

    Just like you use your calendar, you should use the list to invite cleanliness to your apartment. Also, make a list for your kids so that they can also assist you in cleaning the house. Here’s how to encourage your kids to clean their rooms.


With these five easy-breeze rules, you can keep your place neat and clean all the time. Also, don’t forget to call the best cleaning company like Effly to get your house cleaned once a week.

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