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Why Choose Effly for Your Exit Clean?

Relax and Leave the End-of-Tenancy Stress to Effly

Looking to move out of your rental property without any stress? Let Effly's experienced cleaning professionals assist you in getting your bond money back while complying with all rental regulations. With us by your side, you can smoothly transition out of your rental contract without any hassle.

Say Goodbye to Stress! Join Effly's Bond Cleaning Partnership Today!

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What You’ll Get When You Book Us

discount coupan
Earn a $35 Discount Coupon

Get a $35 discount immediately after you book your first Bond Cleaning Service through our partnership platform.

peace of mind
Peace of Mind

Partnering with Effly lets you focus on your move and transition, knowing that professionals are handling your cleaning needs.

Bond Return Assurance

Our bond cleaning service is designed to meet the standards expected by landlords and property managers, increasing the likelihood of a full bond return.

Detailed Checklist Adherence

We strictly adhere to a comprehensive cleaning checklist, addressing all the areas and requirements for successful bond cleaning.

time management
Time-Efficient Service

Our professionals work efficiently, ensuring the cleaning is completed within the stipulated time frame, meeting your move-out deadlines.

Customized Solutions

Effly tailors the cleaning approach based on your property's size, type, and specific cleaning needs, ensuring optimal results.


Standard Carpets vacuumed and clean skirting

Window frames and sills cleaned

Cabinets outside/inside cleaned

Skirting boards cleaned

Hard floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped

Wooden floors mopped

Walls (fingerprints/marks) spot cleaned

All light switches and bulbs cleaned

Cobwebs removed

Doors and door frames cleaned

General dusting

Ceilings cobweb removal


Window frames and sills cleaned

Splashback to be degreased and cleaned

Skirting boards cleaned

Thoroughly clean hob/stovetop

Clean dishwasher and microwave, inside and out

Clean and empty bins

Fridge/freezer - outside cleaned

Range hood - outside cleaned

Oven - Outside cleaned

Walls (fingerprints/marks) spot cleaned

Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined

Wipe down all the Benchtops

Cabinets and drawers outside/Inside cleaned

Hard floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped

Cobwebs removed

All light switches and bulbs cleaned

Doors and door frames cleaned

Tile/walls - bathtubs cleaned

Shower and shower doors cleaned

Windows, window frames and sills cleaned

Skirting boards cleaned

Mirrors cleaned and shined

Sink and bench cleaned and disinfected

Hard floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped

Toilet cleaned and disinfected

Chrome fixtures cleaned/shined

Cabinets and drawers outside/inside cleaned

Cobwebs removed

Doors and door frames cleaned

Walls (finger prints / marks) spot cleaned (optional extra: if requested will incur a surcharge, payable direct)

General dusting

Extractor Fan dusted

 Vacuum cleaning and sweeping the floor
 Cleaning of shelves, cupboards, and drawers
 Removal of cobweb
 Vacuum cleaning and mopping of floors
 Dusting and cleaning of the patio doors

Blind cleaning

 External window cleaning

 Deep cleaning of appliances

 Carpet steam cleaning

 Washing of walls

Fridge/freezer - inside complete

Range hood - inside and filter

Oven / racks & inside complete

Why Do You Need Bond Cleaning Services?

Cleaning before moving is hard work and time-consuming. With professional cleaners, the cleaning process becomes easier while you can focus on other tasks like packing and organizing. 

Reduce the stress of moving

The majority of bond cleaning services offer a guarantee and so do ours! This means that you will get your full deposit back because we'll make sure your property is spotlessly clean.

Get your deposit back

Hiring a move out cleaning service before selling your property will make it more attractive, and easier to sell. A professional cleaning service can help you give a great first impression to your new home.

Good impression from buyers

The best move out cleaning service allows for customization and will work with your preferences to leave your home in the same condition you left it in. You may even be able to save some money if you compare plans before signing up for one.


Customized cleaning

Our Business is to Make Your Home Shine

Whether your home needs a routine clean or a once-over, contact Effly today to learn about our extensive cleaning services or book one immediately.

Book A Reliable Cleaning Service Today!

You can trust Effly to deliver quality services for your cleaning needs. Just give us a call or use our online form to get an instant quote.

How does the Effly cleaning service work?

Effly has made the booking and cleaning process incredibly seamless for you!
Don't believe us? Book an appointment, and experience it yourself.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Schedule us

Schedule UsWe're always available for cleaning, every day of the week.

Let us in

Schedule UsProvide clear entry instructions and rest assured we'll be there!

We Clean

Schedule UsWe have a great line-up of professional cleaners ready to go.

Give Feedback

Schedule UsTell us how we did. We're happy to listen and improve.

Rinse & repeat

Schedule UsSchedule recurring cleans to keep your place clean at all times.

Schedule us

Schedule Us
We are always ready and available to take a cleaning job.

Let us in

Schedule Us
Provide clear entry instructions and rest assured we'll be there!

We clean

Schedule Us
We have a great line-up of professional cleaners on stand-by.

Give feedback

Schedule Us
Tell us how we did. We're happy to listen and improve.


Rinse & repeat

Schedule Us
Schedule recurring cleans to keep your place clean at all times.

How Does Bond Cleaning Service work

Initial Consultation and Agreement

We engage in discussions with the property manager, real estate agency, or property owner to understand their specific requirements, expectations, and terms for the bond cleaning service.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

We implement a rigorous quality assurance process. A supervisor or inspector assesses the property after the cleaning to ensure all cleaning tasks have been completed to the required standard. Any touch-ups or additional cleaning, if needed, are promptly addressed.

Scheduling and Coordination

The partner facility and we will agree on a suitable schedule for the bond cleaning service. Effly ensures that the service is scheduled at a time that minimizes disruption to the property and aligns with the leasing agreements.

Documentation and Reporting

We will provide the partner with a detailed report and documentation of the cleaning service. This documentation includes the tasks completed, cleanliness achieved, and photographic evidence where necessary; this is important for evidencing the property's condition post-cleaning.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

We value feedback from partners. After completing the service, Effly seeks feedback to ensure the partner is satisfied with the cleaning. Any additional requirements or adjustments for future services are noted.

Customized Cleaning Plan

We will tailor a comprehensive cleaning plan based on the discussions and requirements. This plan outlines the tasks to be completed, areas to be cleaned, and any specific instructions the partner provides.

Professional Cleaning Execution

Experienced cleaning team executes the bond cleaning service on the scheduled day according to the agreed-upon plan. Team uses high-quality products and follows industry best practices for cleaning results.

Efficient Bond Retrieval Process

By delivering a high-quality bond cleaning service, we support a smooth bond retrieval process for the tenant, facilitating the return of their security deposit.

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