Thank you for your Cleaning Enquiry.

Thank you for choosing Effly for your  Cleaning Services.

Dear Customer,

We are thrilled to receive your interest in cleaning your place. We appreciate you taking the time to submit your initial requirements.

We understand that you have many options available, and we are thrilled that you have entrusted us with your cleaning needs.

Our representative will contact you shortly to understand your individual needs and provide customised cleaning solutions. You can also get in touch with us at 1800 4 33359 if you have any questions or would like to discuss the requirements in more detail. Keep an eye on your phone for the call!

We understand that no two houses have the same cleaning needs. Our team takes a tailored approach to offer you the most suitable solution for your individual requirements. We are committed to providing you with the best fit for your cleaning needs.

To learn more about our services, we suggest you look around our website and check the reviews from past customers. We are confident that you will discover our reliable and high-quality cleaners is what you need for your cleaning requirements.


Effly Cleaning Services
1800 4 33359 or SMS +61427860642
Email:- [email protected]

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What is Next?

Enquiry Received
Enquiry Received /Quote

Once you reach out to us with your enquiry, we will arrange a call so that we can go over the details of booking dates, discuss service recommendations & generate a quote link for you. You can view the pricing and complete your booking either online or via phone.

Client Onboarding

Onboarding is an important step to ensure both customer and cleaner have the necessary information they need to have a successful cleaning day. This process can be done by email or over the phone and includes topics such as expectations, car parking details, and detailed service overviews. Gathering as much information as possible helps make for a smooth cleaning experience.

Job Assignment

Once you are onboarded, a cleaner will be assigned to your job, and their details shared with you by email. We may also contact you on the phone or send SMS reminders regarding the allocated cleaner.


We are working hard to make sure your cleaning day is trouble-free! Our teams are well-prepared, well equipped and will do their best to deliver the highest quality of service right on time. The cleaner will do an initial and final walkthrough with you, allowing you to give feedback as they go. This way, any issues can be addressed and fixed during the session. To let us know about your experience, feel free to use our feedback system. We guarantee that you are well taken care of under the Reclean program.

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