Cleaning Mistakes

10 Quick and Effective Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid for Cleaning

Cleaning is a painstaking task that requires a lot of time and effort. Deep inside, everyone wants to do the job as quickly as possible to relax or to attend other household chores. In a hurry to accomplish the cleaning task, most homeowners make a few mistakes that do nothing in their favour but ruin all the cleaning efforts.

We understand that you have a lot of other things to take care of as well, but still, you can avoid these common cleaning mistakes while cleaning your home in a jiffy.

Here are the ten common cleaning mistakes to avoid for quick and effective cleaning.

  1. Stay Away from Dirty Rags

    How often do you wash the cleaning rags you used to clean furniture and other hard surfaces inside the house? Well, if you don’t have an answer, throw away those rags as they are worsening the situation than making it any good.

    Cleaning with dirty rags means settling the dust again on the surfaces. It can be disastrous if you clean using soiled rags. For cleaning, you should use microfibre cloths, as they are washable and good for cleaning.

    If you want to use rags, then throw them away after some time after they get dirty.

  2. Don’t Leave the Dishes Un-Soaked.

    Leaving the dishes un-soaked means doubling the cleaning time as the stains can get stubborn with time, and you need to rub more to get them off the dishes. Soaking the dishes only take a few seconds, so why not do it before you hit the bed?

    Soaking the dishes will loosen the stains, and you can clean them quickly to make the dishes sparkling clean. Take some water in the sink and add a few drops of cleaning detergent or lemon to see the wonders.

  3. Know Where You Have Kept the Cleaning Tools

    Finding the cleaning duster, vacuum cleaner, and mop can take a lot of time if you don’t know where you have kept these items. Always keep the cleaning tools in the store or in an area where you don’t have to struggle to find them.

    Furthermore, get the right cleaning tools that are perfect for cleaning. If you have anything that has aged more than its life throw it away, and get a new one for effective cleaning.

  4. Keep the Vacuum Bag Empty

    All the vacuum cleaners have a dust bag irrespective of the type and size. You need to clean the dust bag after every few days as it has limited capacity. When the dust bag gets full, the sensors of the vacuum cleaner lower down its performance, and it doesn’t catch more dust.

    Empty or change the dust bag regularly so that the vacuum cleaner works efficiently and you can clean the floors and other such things on the go.

  5. Don’t Mop the Floors First.

    Most homeowners have a habit of mopping the floors first and then cleaning other areas, including cabinets and walls. You should mop the floor in the end after doing all the cleaning. The cobwebs from the walls and the dust will fall on the mopped floor, and you have to clean it again.

    Do all the cleaning beforehand, and you start mopping the floors.

  6. Clean the Mirrors Properly

    No matter how much time you dedicate to cleaning the mirrors if you aren’t doing it right, you will see a murkiness on the mirrors. The best way to clean a mirror is wiping off the dust first before you spray the mirror cleaner on it.

    After dusting, spray the mirror cleaner and wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. You will see less or no steaks, and smudges and the mirrors will look sparkling clean.

  7. Scrubbing vs. Blotting: Carpet Cleaning

    A stained carpet doesn’t look any good, and that is why it is important to clean the stains as soon as possible. Whenever you see a tell-tale stain on the carpet, start blotting it with a damp cloth. Scrubbing the stain will worsen the situation, and it will spread the stain, which means you have to deal with more area.

    If you don’t know how to deal with a stained carpet, it is suggested to book the best carpet cleaners in your area. The professional cleaners will make sure that the carpet looks new by cleaning all the stains.

  8. Not Preparing the Home before the Cleaners Arrive

    If you don’t prepare the home before the cleaners arrive, it will take you a lot of time before the team can get into action. If you want the cleaners to make your home spick and span quickly so that you can leave for the office or relax with your kids, get your home ready so that the cleaners find it less hectic to clean it.

    Don’t know how to prepare your house? Here are some tips to follow to prepare your house for the professional cleaners.

  9. Don’t Clean the Windows When It’s Hot.

    No one will tell you about this, but being your reliable cleaning partner, Effly wants you to know everything. Cleaning windows on a hot day isn’t a great idea, because the blazing hot rays of the run can dry up the window cleaner quickly, which means streaks and stains.

    No matter how many times you wipe the glass, the streaks will be visible, and that’s what you have to avoid. Choose a cloudy day to clean the windows or do this task during the dark.

  10. Know about the Standing Time of the Cleaning Products

    Not every product has the same standing time, and it is something you should know. Glass cleaner, tabletop cleaner, and stainless-steel polish every product needs a different timeframe. Read the instruction label of the product to check its standing time for effective cleaning and better results.


Along with keeping these things in mind, you should hire the best residential cleaning agency in Melbourne. Hiring a professional cleaning company will help you save a lot of time and money. Avoid these mistakes at any cost, to ensure that your house looks spotlessly clean all the time.

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