3 tips to Help You Save Time When Cleaning

3 tips to Help You Save Time When Cleaning

Cleaning the house can be exhausting, and it’s stressful when you do it after a long day of work. It’s super easy when you have available resources, as you can easily hire an agency like Effly which provides professional cleaning services Melbourne. Hiring cleaning services can be a bit costly but they can take a lot off your plate so you could relax after a long day or week at work.

Nevertheless, if your budget is already allotted to something else, you will have to find time to do all the house cleaning chores yourself. To make the cleaning chores a little exhausting, Effly’s cleaners come up with 3 easy-to-follow lists that can help you save time and energy. This way, you don’t need to spend your whole night or weekend wiping and scrubbing, instead, you can have some spare time doing what you like.


Pay Attention to the Little Things to Save Time When Cleaning

Number 1 point: if you want to take a lot off your plate on weekends and day offs, you need to adjust to the clean-as-you-go routine when at home. This simple trick will avoid your cleaning load from piling up and will significantly reduce your cleaning chores for the night or day-offs.

For example, after you’re done eating, make it a routine to wipe the table surface, wash the dishes, and sweep the floor for any food that was dropped while you were eating. Washing the dishes immediately and cleaning the table and floor surface immediately is beneficial for your health. It is also much easier to wash a couple of plates and glasses after use than wash a pile of plates and glasses with dried stains from the food you eat.  Another great example of clean-as-you-go is to tidy your bed every time after you wake up to prevent the accumulation of debris and hair on your bed surface. 


Clean Per Task Not Per Room to Save Time When Cleaning

The majority of us are used to side-to-side cleaning, which is cleaning per room of the house. Yet, Effly’s house cleaning services Melbourne experts say this idea isn’t the greatest because you’ll end up neglecting other rooms of the house. What happens is the kitchen and living room will receive more attention while bathrooms and laundry rooms will be left untouched because you’re already exhausted.


looking to save time?


To get away from this situation, you should clean per task instead – be it mopping, vacuuming, wiping, or dusting – and do it in every corner of your house and rooms from top to bottom. As a result, you’ll end up cleaning every corner of your house equally. This will also help you save time and stress when you set your mind to one activity at a time. 


Clean the Floor Always to Save Time When Cleaning


Most of the time we tend to clean the house area where we receive the visitors and where usually their attention is directed; basically the walls, ceilings, appliances, and probably furniture. The floor, however, which is often the dirtiest part of the house, is often forgotten. 

The floor also catches all the dust and dirt when you clean the house, this is why you must regularly clean the floor to avoid allergens, germs, and accumulated dirt – which will eventually spread to other house areas and you’ll have to clean more often. Effly’s professional cleaners advise vacuuming your house regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris from your family members and visitors.

In conclusion, it would help you save a lot of time and energy when you clean your house by dividing your task equally. It might be a little complicated to do at the start, but once you get used to the daily clean-as-you-go routine, it will make things easier and more natural instead of getting exhausted from doing chores. 

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